Development status of SUP Board

- Sep 09, 2017 -

At present, in the global warm coastal resort, SUP's trend is unstoppable, but also because of many professional surfers, celebrities and stars sought after in the rest of the world can be involved in the safe waters can see SUP movement.

The SUP from Hawaii to the United States is a man named Rick Thomas Vietnam War veterans. In 2000, Rick stood on a 11' surfboard and introduced Leleo Kinimaka's paddle to introduce this new sport to California.

Objectively, SUP allows the surfers to capture more waves, but also conducive to the distant arrival of the upcoming surge. SUP prices range from $ 600 to $ 1,500, up to 9 feet or more, or even 12 feet or more.

Paddle surfing

On 3th October 2008, the US Coast Guard will be defined as a vessel SUP, for which SUP players need to enter a specific waters, you must wear the corresponding life jacket (currently has a dedicated self-inflatable lifejacket listed), I believe this is not Will affect people's enthusiasm for SUP.

In 2009, the well-known surfing agency "surf China" for the first time the paddle surfing into the country, surfing in China 2009 China Carnival debut, so that people first close contact with this fashion trend movement.

At present, many surfing spots in China, there are already many players began to experience this is very easy to civilians contact movement.



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