Different Types of surfboard

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Different types of surfboard

First: Classify by size

  1. short board: under 7 feet, suit for expenrienced surfer

short board.jpg

2. longboard: over 9 feet, suit for fresh surfer.

   long surfboard.jpg

  3. race board: belong to sup board but bigger, usually used in surfing race.

race board.png

   4. gun board: narrow and long, special for hawaii wave

gun board.jpg

Second: Classify by use

  1. bodyboard


  2. skimboard


  3. sup board

sup board.jpg

  1. surfboard


  2. funboard


  3. kite board

    kite board.JPG

  4. hydrofoil board

kite foil board-15.jpg

5. rescue board


Third:  Classify by material

    1. hard board

surfboard for display.jpg

    2. soft board


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