Guidance when Surfing

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Guide when surfing

1. Surfboard carry the line to pay attention to the corner of the place, on the ground when the light to play, the wind is placed on the sand when the sand on the surfboard, to avoid being blown away.

2. Surfboard holding the sea toward the edge of the hand holding the edge of the surfboard to a straight line, do not put the waves board in front of the body to prevent the waves hit the waves board to hit their own body.

3. Surfboard from the sea back to the shore from the depth of about 30 cm, please immediately board, to avoid the impact of the surfboard directly to the stone.

4. Surfboard with the waves in the impact of the time, do not hand to pull the safety foot rope and surfboard, so that hand was not hurt.

5. When surfing each person at sea distance please keep the length of the two surfboards.

6. In the outer sea surfing closest to the first wave area of the surfers, if there is a crazy dog waves from your top of the whole row down, you have to quickly throw the surfboard back, and quickly plow water diving hiding.

7. In front of the waves when the front of the surfers, with the next or the middle or behind the surfers, have to maintain a safe distance of three waves board, so that when the mad dog waves down, everyone's surfboard and safety rope wrapped together.

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