How to choose surfboard

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Surfboards are one of the most important surfing equipment. Before you decide to buy your board, be sure to know your surfing habits, uses, and general surfing conditions. For beginners, it is necessary to find experienced people to help you choose a board. Surfboards generally divided into the following categories: Shortboard: short board, board. The head is sharp triangular, buoyancy is small, you need enough thrust, good shape of the waves can have fun, belong to the technology board, turning flexible, fancy movements can be done. Longboard: long board. Semicircular head, buoyant, slow, small waves can play, suitable for Taiwan's summer surf and beginners practice. As the name implies, fun board, small long board. Looks like Longboard degrees in recent years to improve the Longboard to come, because the board is shorter than the Longboard, it has the benefits of Longboard, buoyancy, small waves can play, but the smaller size, do the action without losing flexibility, very suitable Taiwan's wave of the year. Someone called a gun board, or a big wave board, the length and Longboard close but the tail tip, the fastest. It is rare for Taiwan to see it. It may be that only the eastern coast or the typhoon is a chance to show Gun's power. The Fish: fish plate, but may call 'belly board' more appropriate. It's basically a type of Shortboard, which is usually wider and thicker than a Shortboard. When Taiwan's summer waves disappear, Fish's buoyancy is slightly larger than that of the Shortboard in small waves. In general, the longer and thicker the board, the easier it is to get started, but the harder it is to make beautiful moves. As mentioned earlier, each person needs a different board, and your personal height and weight have an absolute relationship. So, how to choose the board is also one of the necessary courses to learn surfing. Rudder fin surfboards must be used in conjunction with the rudder, rudder sub-single, three or five slices. Longboard usually use larger Sngle fin monolithic, other boards with more than three Tri fin system, there are five in this two-year appearance. Today's board rudders use the patented Fin Control System FCS for easy replacement and travel, but the early Glass-on is also loved by surfers as well as in intense waves over FCS. Foot Rope leash This is the only surfing activity that will keep you safe. When you wipe out, you can retrieve your surfboard and your board will not rush back to the shore or Hit to other people, so you have a rely on the sea, the general length to slightly longer board. Now the foot rope is divided into different waves need to have the thickness of the design, usually double bearing (double swivels) better than a single bearing, the more difficult to tangle. Wax wax Wax hit the surfboard Wax wax Wax hit the surfboard, can increase the friction between the body and the body, allowing you to stand on the board more stable, it will not slip! Taking the change of temperature in Taiwan throughout the year, it is necessary to change the temperature of different types of wax, base wax, cold water, warm water and hot / tropical water). Clothes wetsuit / rash guard Wetsuit - mostly made of a neoprene, you need a jacket if you want to surf in Taiwan when the weather is getting colder and colder. Material, thickness (3mm-5mm) and the length of the different, cold ability is also different. Short-sleeved more light, called shorty or spring suit. Wear protective clothing rash guard - even if the water temperature is not cold, most of the surfers will wear a wear-resistant clothing, or long friction with the board is not very comfortable. Other advantages of anti-wear clothing: waterproof mother, warm and sun protection, a fit of wear-resistant clothing, definitely worth the investment. Pre-skid pad trackion Mentioned before if you do not want to wax the entire surfboard, then you can paste this thing, most people are in the small tail plate affixed a non-slip mat, so better control board fancy action. Most of the surfboard damage boarding the process of handling, surfboard bag is to save you to make up the West Bu careless knock knocked place. There are two types of general board bags, single or double piece of daily-use bags and up to 6 pieces of travel bags. The protection used for travel is relatively thick, preventing airport handlers from trampling our precious boards. Nose Noseguard The most vulnerable parts of a surfboard are the slab and tail. The nose is a piece of rubber that protects your head, and protects others from being directly hurt by your board. Report 2009-1-14 surfing matters needing attention: surfboard carrying attention should be turned around, when placed on the ground to be light, when the wind is very large in the sand to cover the surfboard in the sand, to avoid being blown away. Surfboard holding the sea toward the beach to go out, the angle of holding a surfboard in a straight line, must not put the wave board in front of the body, to prevent waves hit the waves hit their body. When the surfboard is washed back to the shore by the sea to a depth of about 30 cm, immediately lower the board to avoid direct impact of the surfboard on the stone. Surfboards and waves in the collision, do not use your hand to pull the safety of foot rope and surfboard, so as not to be hand injury. Please keep the length of two surfboards when surfing at sea distance. When you are a junior surfer, please pay attention to check the equipment before launching, wax blocks did not play, safety ropes, lifejackets check good, warm-up exercise to do twenty minutes after the beginning of the sea can go surfing. Surfing take the provisions of the crash closest to the point of the crash, and his action is the first to stand up, next to the surfers have to stop surfing, if you do not go down on March 27 twenty-one, the accident raiding people To bear all the consequences and liability. The best wave surfing The middle wave crashing into the slopes of both sides of the best waves, the most dangerous and the worst wave is a surge of waves crashing moment, please go ashore to rest. When doing soft gymnastics on the beach, the sea breeze blows very strongly at this time. Please quickly fasten the safety foot rope. Our body should stand on the leading edge of the windward direction so as not to be injured by your own surfboard. If you see the jellyfish while surfing in the sea, or bite the jellyfish, please go ashore to rest. When surfing near the first wave zone while surfing the sea, if there is a crazy wave of waves covering you from the top of the whole row, you have to throw the surfboard back and drain the water to dive quickly. In the red waves when the forefront of the surfer, next to or in the middle or behind the surfer, should maintain a safe distance of 3 waves board, lest mad dog cover down, everyone's surfboard and safety rope tied together. Surfing hand must abide by the rules of surfing, a wave of a person, who take the first closest to the wall take the first stand up, this time in the next wave of competitors quickly braking or pumping board to stop surfing. Beginner surf hand to enhance hand paddling training, physical training, foot training, water before the flip flutter training. Surfing to be washed well must have the potential of the more and more wave technology, fighting spirit to be high, strong muscles, usually please look at surfing videos, surfing magazines, surfing with surfing master more, a lot of observation, nothing more network and share experience, guarantee You will soon become a surfing master.

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