How to choose your own surfboard

- Jan 04, 2018 -

In general, the longer and thicker the board, the easier it is to get started, but the harder it is to make beautiful moves. Everyone needs a different board, and your personal height and weight, have an absolute relationship. So, how to choose the board is also one of the necessary courses to learn surfing.

First, Longboard, long board - the length of 8 feet 6 to 11 feet, was semicircular head, buoyant, slow, small waves can play. Suitable for beginners. More suitable for use in Qingdao.

Second, Shortboard, short board, small board - length of 5 feet 9 to 6 feet 8, the head was sharp triangular, buoyancy is small, you need to push enough, good shape of the waves can have fun, belong to the technology board, steering Flexible, can do fancy action.

Third, Fishboard, fish plate, may call "belly board" more appropriate - point. Length of 5 feet 6 to 6 feet between 11, Basically, can be considered a Shortboard, a mixture of long board and short board, short board length, almost long board thickness and width, fish tail. Because Fish's buoyancy is slightly larger than Shortboard in small waves, it's easier.

Fourth, the soft board - pure foam surfboard, strong security, not limited by the size of the wave head, suitable for beginners to experience, young people.

Five, The Gunboard, gun board or wave board - length and Longboard close but pointed tip, narrow and long, the fastest. Used to punch 10 to 30 feet of big waves, like the big waves in Hawaii. Rare to see the use of domestic, may only be able to show the power of Gun before and after the typhoon.

Center of gravity

The center of gravity of the surfboard is (3: 7) (4: 6) (5: 5) (6: 4) (7: 3)

The more front of the center of gravity, the easier it is to lower the wave, but the worse the relative flexibility of the plate,

Beginners best choice (4: 6) or (5: 5) to practice


The most obvious difference between the length of the surfboard is that the longer the board can take off earlier

However, the longer the opposite board, the poorer the steering flexibility

For beginners, long board buoyancy, good stability, it is easy to learn

The disadvantage is that when the waves are too big, beginners will not slip out

3. Width

The wider the stability of the surfboard the higher the relative speed is slower

The narrower the better board steering flexibility, beginners to a wider board more suitable

4. Plate head

General surfboard design from the tip to the round have, tip plate lighter front, better flexibility

Technology boards belong to this category

Round head plate larger front area, the buoyancy is relatively large

So beginners to buy the first board, it is best to use the round head board

5 board

Where your feet stand, you'll typically wear a slip-resistant wax or slip-on pad to make the board easier to control

6. Amplitude (Alice)

Board a little Alice, the next wave is not easy to plug the water, but too Alice is of no significance


The thicker the buoyancy, the bigger the buoyancy, the easier it is to stand up. The disadvantage is that when the waves are too big, beginners can not slip out

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