Hydrofoil Board Background Technique1

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Hydrofoil Board Background  Technique 1

Background technique: 

With the rapid development of high-performance ships in the prior art, hydrofoils are increasingly used in this field. The main purpose of using the hydrofoil device is, first, to improve pitch and roll 

of the boat, to reduce heave, and to reduce acceleration. Because the hydrofoil can produce reverse lift, but also increase the attached water quality. Second, the tail wing provides partial support to reduce the wetted area of the hull, thereby reducing the added resistance of the hydrofoil system. 

In other words, the hydrofoil device is used to improve the wave resistance of a wave piercing ship and improve the comfort of wave-piercing ships. Shipwreck and hydrofoil comparison. 

The two patents with application numbers CN200820059489.X and CN200720002144.6 provide a structurally similar powered surfboard, but such surfboards are less resistant to wave-induced surges and have less resistance to surfboards and greater water resistance to the panel.

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