Inflatable surfboard how to choose

- Dec 07, 2017 -

1. Your weight (novice): 60KG: 260-270 cm, 70KG: 270-290 cm, 80KG: 290-310 cm, 90KG: 300-330 cm; heavier weight board to be larger, large bottom , Wave before pushing move.And weight heavier buoyancy also big buoyancy the bigger the better ride, so to 8-10cm thick plate.

2. You often red waves: wave often waves in the board to reduce the often Xiaolang board to increase, but still want to see what you want to punch board, different board different play, it is hard to say that kind of board right.

3. Your physical skills: the better the physical skills, the smaller the board can buy to increase the handling performance, but the long board also has a long board to play, the shorter the board the less effort buoyancy slippery, and the more difficult to take. According to surf experts said technology Experience the most important. Want to easily rushed, but also easy to catch up with the waves, we should increase the board, physical strength to be shorter board, or do the action, but the board is very tired with long, there are a lot of red one For a while, all for the 260-270cm long board, because in fact the short board too tired, most of them have to work only week 6, day, do not need to play so tired, so palette also have to consider their various conditions Especially physical strength, and the way you want to play.

4. The durability of the board: board made to choose an experienced factory, sale is also very important; Sunshine yacht in this area has a wealth of experience and technical team, will be customized according to your needs, inflatable surfing board is very good Solve the problem of hard board easily broken;

5. Inflatable surfboard not only surfing, you can also stand paddling above; this is another advantage of inflatable surfboards;

6. Board material, sunshine yacht production inflatable surfboard with double-sided PVC inside the folder mesh imported air cushion synthesis, light weight, can be folded, easy to carry is always the biggest advantage of inflatable products, the inflatable gas to the material The hardness of the hard board is the player's best choice;

7. Experience Sharing: The material itself is not easy to break, double-sided PVC thickness sufficient to ensure his durability, but if unexpected damage is also very easy to repair the product with the patch tool according to the instructions to patch the operation flow repair;