Kite board surfboard

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Kitesurfing is the kite-linked kite to the human body through large inflatable brackets and kitesurfing or surfing the surface of the water. The movement only developed for a short period of more than ten years. Is the fastest growing water sports movement. Through the power of a large kite, it can effectively drive the body to glide over the water surface or leap over the air. This exercise requires adequate wind conditions to operate. With advances in kite technology, it is now possible to play 40 knots from 8 knots.

Equipment description:

1, kite:

Kite surfing is a driving tool used in kite sports. Most kites used in kite surfing adopt a three-dimensional design so as to absorb more wind direction. There are also many choices of kite types, but they can be roughly classified as inflatable And stent. Inflatable kite material is made of plastic, so the use and collection is very convenient, and its greatest advantage is that when the kite dropped into the water, you can then continue to fly up the air, beginners suitable for this type of kite . A "kite-type" kite is similar to a normal technical kite and is suitable for those skilled in kite control as it is difficult to fly again as long as it falls into the water.

2, kite skateboarding:

Kiteboarding board used can be said to be a combination of "wave board" and "surfboard" in one, because it is the size of the surfboard, and board you need to have the wind and waves board equipment used in the foot. Because the board is small and can be fixed to the participants' feet, more changes can be made in the difficult fancy movements. And kiteboarding is also quite a lot of types of board, in addition to the general one-way board, more two-way board to choose from.

3, control system:

A kite-attached joystick plus a system that allows for free adjustment and safe disconnection of the unit. The joystick controls the dynamics of the kite in accordance with * 4 or 2 cords, while the safety release releases the kite when it is unable to control the kite or any unexpected situation, thus losing the power of the kite and falling from the sky. When buying a full set of kites it usually includes a control system. This is because many brands are designed according to the kite design requirements control system. Of course, you can also buy your favorite to buy, including the various components are the same. Control rod made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, the style and length, there are many kinds to choose from.

4, the connecting rod on the lever:

Is the ring in the middle of the lever used to connect with the stainless steel hook on the lumbar pad so that the kite can be combined with the user's body through the flying rope, control rod, connecting ring and lumbar pad to relieve the user's arm load.