Kite board surfboard

- Dec 13, 2017 -

5.emergency release system:

One end is tied to the control strap on the other end of the wrist to the control system. When it is necessary to stop in case of emergency, first remove the stainless steel hook from the belt and the connecting ring on the control rod, and then release the control rod. Since the control belt is connected to one side of the control system, the kite If the kite falls on the surface of the water, the kite will be recovered because the kite and the people still have this control belt attached. Take care when recovering the kite, and it is still possible that the kite will fly again.

6, two-way pump:

A gas inlet, a gas outlet, whether pulled or pressed down the piston, can be inflated or inhaled. Drift boats, rubber boats are used to inflatable double pump. Trachea with multiple gas nozzles, to meet different needs.

7, lumbar pad:

Like sailing, in order to save effort and control, the kite can also connect the joystick to the lumbar pad.

8, belt:

On the stainless steel hook device attached to the belt, used to hook the connecting rod on the lever, the material is usually stainless steel.

9, lumbar pad:

Department of the waist on the rower, with a stainless steel hook on the belt connected to the control link on the link.

10, foot cover:

Fixed on the skateboard, with the foot when used. Need to check and adjust the boot before the tightness and size. Just use your legs to control the direction of travel on the water, but be careful not to let the skateboard fall off.

11, flight rope:

Kite surfing is the most exciting place is the kite can bring people from the water, people can play by staying in the air time to enjoy the pleasure of flying and make a fancy all kinds of fancy action, so the kite line must be Have a strong pull to prevent danger caused by disconnection. The maximum pull force per flight rope is usually more than 200 pounds. The length of the flight rope is not necessarily required, and most kite-brand companies have several lengths to choose from. The length of the general flight rope between 20 meters to 35 meters, if you feel not long enough to buy long rope.

working principle:

Kite surfing, the principle is quite simple, that is, the inflatable kite with two or four tough rope connected to the handheld bar, by operating the bar to control the kite rise, fall and turn, combined with the foot of the stepping Skateboards can slide on the sea, on the lake, on the beach, in the snow, or even take people out of the water for a variety of fancy moves (skating on grass or dry lakes when combined with a dolly).


1, first of all to understand your kite and other equipment, the focus of the kite is there, the inner end of the kite leader can be self-help at sea when the kite pulled into a sail-like handle, the kite on the pulley in the course of time whether There is offset wear, and so on.

2, surfing does not have to rushed the rate very fast, washed elegant gracefully is the best effort to do every fine action, your technology is considered orthodox, after all, control technology is good and bad is definitely a certain percentage of the security relationship.

3, pay attention to safety, if you encounter unexpected conditions, do not be nervous, first calm down, goodbye machine act.

4, kite surfing, although not more dangerous than flying parachutes, gliding and other types of sports, but because of newly developed kite strength, if improper operation, it may drag people to unsafe areas, or to bring people away from the ground, Falling from the water may also cause accidents with people cutting around the kite string. As a result, people in the world are injured and injured every year. Therefore, the United States and Europe categorized it as one of extreme sports. Therefore, to establish the correct concept of security, choose the right place for equipment, step by step to learn kite operation, to enjoy the fun and safe.