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- Dec 09, 2017 -

Kitesurfing (kiteboarding; flysurfing) is a concentrated, thrilling water sport with inflatable kites and surfboards.

Since 1998, occasional inflatable kites have been combined with surfboards in the Hawaiian beaches of the United States. Since then, this new sport has quickly become popular all over the world. Entering the country, this new extreme sport is called kite surf.

Kiteboarding principle is very simple, that is, the inflatable kite with two or four tough ropes connected to the handheld bar, by operating the bar to control the kite rise, fall and steering, combined with the foot of the various types of stepping Skateboard, you can in the sea, the lake, beach, skiing on the snow or even bring people from the water for a variety of fancy action.

Kite: With an inflatable bracket that floats on the water, using techniques to get it off again. Inflatable bracket kites have two and four-line kite. Second-tier kite operation is easy to learn but difficult to adjust the kite tension at any time, fewer and fewer people use; four-kite control more complex but can be adjusted at any time kite tension. In 2004, the fourth-line kite has been modified to include a centerline called the five-line kite. It is safer and easier to take off from the water and became mainstream in 2005.

Kite surfing

Kite surfing

Kite line: bear the tension should be more than 500 pounds, the line should be non-absorbent, low-stretch characteristics, coupled with anti-UV treatment, as long as good care, a set of lines can be used for a long time. Length is generally 27 meters, if the kite area unchanged, the longer the length, kite strength, the shorter the shorter the pull. If the use of colored lines, red line, all installed on the left hand side, in order to facilitate the determination of the correct direction of the handle after the kite lap.

Handle: handle with the kite design, divided into two-wire, four-wire, five-wire; according to different materials are divided into two kinds of aluminum and carbon fiber, carbon fiber handle with light weight, high strength characteristics, has gradually become the mainstream. The handle has a force adjustment device and emergency release system, a good release system in the shortest possible time will release the kite.

Waist hook: waist hook purpose is to make the kite tension can easily lead the body, the waist hook is generally fixed above the buttocks, below the chest, the whole body around the waist cover (similar to the windsurfing waist hook, but some of the different structures), waist Hooks come in a variety of sizes to suit different waistline populations. More famous waist hook manufacturers are: Mystic, North and so on. At the same time as the waist hook, there is also a kind of wrapping buttocks, similar to climbing the seat belt used in the structural model, called the sitting hook, sitting type is easier to control the power generated by the kite, but with kite surfing equipment The constant innovation, sit hook has been gradually better functional waistband out.

Skateboarding: early kite surfing with surfboard improved one-way board, long length, buoyant, it is suitable for beginners to practice on the board or in the weaker wind environment, but the one-way board skating steering must be changed for the foot, and Large size, is not conducive to fancy action in the air, gradually replaced by two-way board.


Because the kite flies great power, if improperly handled, it can drag people on the sea or on the beach, or suddenly take people off the ground and water and cause harm. A 30-meter-long kite string tied to a joystick is highly likely to be intertwined with someone else's kite string, possibly with the mast of a passing vessel and may even cut off people's arms or fingers. The biggest danger than from the unpredictable wind direction. If the offshore wind is very strong, athletes can do their best, if the wind suddenly turn around, then pay attention to the poles, parking lots and coastal villas or other buildings

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