paddle board

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Paddle Surfing is one of the hottest surfers at the moment. The sport uses surfboards and paddles to surf the water and test people for strength and coordination. Matt Milich, editor of the weekly Surf News magazine for the sports adventure, said: "It captures the hearts of anyone who loves aquatics, a sport that appears earlier than surf and most of us know it. Someone doing yoga on the paddle board. "

Paddle board surfing from Hawaii in the United States has become a sport swept the world in recent years. Paddleboarding, also known as upright single-paddle surfing, the English full name Stand UpPaddle, referred to as SUP.

How it should be played: Unlike the non-professional players can not get the surfing, paddle board more generous, and therefore easier to grasp the balance, and the operator more than a paddles, which effectively avoids the movement Water skiing with your arms and standing up these two most difficult surfing techniques.

And with the surfing must be completely different in the case of waves, the paddle even in the case of no waves, you can accelerate with paddles, so even in rivers and lakes inland, the paddle motion is still Can be carried out, basically equivalent to standing boating, physical exercise more obvious.

In the case of waves, the participants were able to observe the waves from afar, and the use of paddles also made it easier to catch the waves, thereby enhancing paddle maneuverability.