- Dec 07, 2017 -

The SipaBoard is an inflatable surfboard and can be propelled with its own propeller

Although standing surfboards are new, you may have seen it in a nearby lake. Standing surfboards, paddling into the water, looks like ordinary surfboards, but everyone is standing above, rather than tummy.

The SipaBoard is probably the world's first inflatable stand-up surfboard. At the heart of it is a fan-shaped electric engine called the SipaDrive. It pushes the board by pushing the air to float the board by urging the water flow.

A lot of standing surfboards are hard. They are generally not inflatable, and will take up a lot of space, not easy to transport and carry. The SipaBoard is very small, as small as a child can carry.

The SipaBoard can be inflated in less than five minutes and can be added to the cabin bulkheads to become complete: either to propel the skateboard forward or to provide forward momentum when the surfer is tired.

SipaBoard speeds up to 3 1/2 nautical miles per hour. Users do not have to kneel in use, do not need to release the paddle. When the paddle is detached from the motor, the motor will be turned off immediately, as it is likely that the user has fallen into the water at this time.