Surf kite board

- Dec 04, 2017 -

The so-called kite surfing, the principle is quite simple, that is, the inflatable kite with two or four tough ropes connected to the handheld bar, by operating the bar to control the kite rise, fall and steering, combined with the foot step With all kinds of skateboards, can be in the sea, the lake

Surf the kite

Surf the kite

, Beach, skiing on the snow, or even taking people from the surface for a variety of fancy moves (skating on grassy or dry lakes if combined with a dolly).

If you want to play windsurfing, surfboard or water skiing and other water activities, not the need for winds, big waves of the environment is the need to have a speedboat needs, and kite surfing in the sea as long as there are more than 2 winds (branches shaking, There is level 2 in the feeling of windy wind; the wind in the seaside of Taiwan is often up to level 3 from 10 am to 5 pm), it can play and greatly reduce the environmental restrictions, so it has become very popular in Europe and the United States Known as the most interesting sport of this century.

Although kite surfing is more dangerous than flying umbrellas, gliding wings and other sports, the new developed kite has great power. If improperly operated, it may drag people over the sea or the beach or suddenly bring people away from the ground , The water surface, therefore causes the harm, therefore can not be denied, it also has some dangers, therefore Europe and the United States only classifies it as a kind of extreme sports at sea. But as long as you can choose the appropriate equipment, step by step familiar with the kite operation, especially familiar with the "zheng force emergency release system" operation, I believe we must be able to enjoy and safe.

Kite surfing is a driving tool used in kite sports. Most kites used in kite surfing adopt a three-dimensional design so as to absorb more wind direction. There are also many choices of kite types, but they can be roughly classified as inflatable Type "and" bracket type. " Inflatable kite material is made of plastic, so the use and collection is very convenient, and its greatest advantage is that when the kite dropped into the water, you can then continue to fly up the air, beginners suitable for this type of kite . A "kite-type" kite is similar to a normal technical kite and is suitable for those skilled in kite control as it is difficult to fly again as long as it falls into the water.

Kiteboarding board used can be said to be a combination of "wave board" and "surfboard" in one, because it is the size of the surfboard, and board you need to have the wind and waves board equipment used in the foot. Because the board is small and can be fixed to the participants' feet, more changes can be made in the difficult fancy movements. And kiteboarding is also quite a lot of types of board, in addition to the general one-way board, more two-way board to choose from.