Surf Leash Leg Rope

- Jan 18, 2018 -

Surf Leash Leg Rope

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This is the only thing that can ensure your safety in surfing. When you fall in (wipe out), you can find your surfboard through it, and your board will not rush back to shore or hit others, so that you can rely on it at sea.

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The surf rope used in the surf movement is the connection rope connecting the surfboard and the human body, which plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the athletes. The surf rope made of polyurethane elastic system is high in strength, good in elasticity, soft and smooth in hand. The joint of the two end of the surf foot rope is fused by injection molding, and the bonding strength and appearance are superior to the adhesive bonding. The joint hardware is processed with stainless steel and high quality copper material, which can withstand the long-term corrosion of the sea water. Use safety and comfort.

In general, close to the length of the foot rope can board the same length or selection according to the collocation, the foot rope diameter (thickness) of the bear also have an impact force, big wave should be natural feet thick rope collocation, the foot rope can choose fine, otherwise it will cause a burden, for example: to make use of 8 feet long surfboard collocation foot rope 8 feet long (thickness due to environmental change), also usually has double bearing (double swivels) than single bearing, less tied to .

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