- Dec 16, 2017 -

Surfing is a sport that uses waves as a driving force and utilizes its own superb technique and balance ability to fight waves. Athletes standing on the surfboard or using the web, kneeling board, inflatable rubber pads, rowing boats, kayaks and other surfing a water sports. No matter what kind of equipment, athletes must have a high skill and balance, at the same time be good at long-distance swimming in the waves.

Surfing is the athlete first prone or kneeling on the surfboard, hand-drawn to where appropriate for a starting point for the waves. When the waves push the surfboard to slide, the athlete keeps the surfboard up front in front of the waves, with the natural front and rear legs open (usually with the balance legs in the front and the control legs behind) Waves, rapid taxiing.

Power surfboard, about 2.5 meters long, 0.6 meters wide surfboard overall streamlined, weighing about 70-90 kg. Powered by new composite materials, the Powerboard is up to 55 kilometers per hour with joystick, electronic ignition switch buttons and throttle controls on the hull, a 330cc single-cylinder water-cooled two-stroke engine and spray pump at the bottom of the board System, is designed specifically for power surfing.

Power surfboards belong to the field of novelty involving sports equipment, and more particularly to a powered surfboard powered by an engine and capable of surfing on the sea surface and on a calm surface. The utility model comprises a hull component, a power device, a joystick and a main tail. The utility model is characterized in that the hull component is a long elliptical streamlined hollow structure, a large body cover is arranged on the middle of the upper part of the hull component, and the power device is arranged in the hollow inside the hull The head of the hull component is provided with a shroud. The joystick is connected with the shroud through a telescopic pipe. The tail of the hull component is provided with a main tail. The left and right wings are provided on both sides of the front end of the main tail. . Power plant using gasoline fuel, the operating handle has a control switch, surfing, operational, entertaining.

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