Surfing the foot rope

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Surfboards foot rope SUP paddle surfing foot rope surfboard accessories surfboard safety foot rope

      This is the only thing you can do in surfing to make your life safer, and when you wipe out you can use it to retrieve your surfboard and your board will not be washed back to the shore or hit other People, so you have a depend on the sea.

     The surfing rope used in surfing is a connecting rope connecting the surfboard and the human body and plays an important role in guaranteeing the personal safety of the athlete. The surfing rope made of polyurethane elastomer has high strength, good elasticity, soft touch and smoothness. Surfing the two ends of the foot rope connector method of injection molding welding, bonding strength and appearance are better than glue. Coupling hardware made of stainless steel and high quality copper processing, long-term corrosion of seawater. Use safe and comfortable.

     In general, according to the length of the board with the choice of the same or near the length of the foot rope, foot rope diameter (thickness) also have an impact on the external force, red waves should be used with coarse coarse natural rope, small waves can choose fine For example, using an 8 foot long surfboard with an 8 foot long foot rope (the thickness varies depending on the environment), there are usually double swivels that are better than single bearings, Not easy to tangle.

Surfing Related presentation:

Surfing is a sport that uses waves as a driving force and uses its superb technique and balance to fight the waves. Athletes standing on the surfboard or using the web, kneeling board, inflatable rubber pads, rowing boats, kayaks and other surfing a water sports. No matter what kind of equipment, athletes must have a high skill and balance, at the same time be good at long-distance swimming in the waves.

Surfing is the athlete first prone or kneeling on the surfboard, hand-drawn to where appropriate for a starting point for the waves. When the waves push the surfboard to slide, the athlete keeps the surfboard up front in front of the waves, with the natural front and rear legs open (usually with the balance legs in the front and the control legs behind) Waves, rapid taxiing.


   1. Carrying board to pay attention to turn the place, when placed on the ground to be light, when the wind is very large in the sand to cover the surfboard in the sand, to avoid being blown away. Surfboard foot rope

   2. Surfboard holding the sea toward the beach to go out, the angle of holding a surfboard in a straight line, must not put the wave board in front of the body, to prevent waves hit the waves hit their body.

   3. When the surfboard is washed back to the shore by the sea to a depth of about 30 cm, immediately lower the board to avoid direct impact of the surfboard on the stone.

   4. Surfboards and waves at the time of the collision, do not use hand to pull surfing the foot rope and surfboard, so as not to be hand injury.

    5. Please keep the length of two surfboards when surfing at sea distance. surf

   6. When you are a junior surfer, please pay attention to check the equipment before launching, wax blocks did not play, safety ropes, lifejackets check good, warm-up exercise to do twenty minutes after the beginning of the sea can be surfing.

   7. Surfing take the provisions of the crash closest to the point of the crash, and his action is the first to stand up, next to the surfers have to stop surfing, if no matter what happens on March 27 and 21, if an accident, grab the waves People have to bear all the consequences and liability.

   8. The best wave surfing The middle wave crashing into the slopes of both sides of the best waves, the most dangerous and the worst wave is a surge of waves crashing moment, please go ashore to rest.

   9. When doing soft gymnastics on the beach, the sea breeze blows very strongly at this time. Please quickly fasten the safety foot rope. People should stand on the leading edge of the windward direction so as not to be hit by their own surfboard.

   10. If you see the jellyfish while surfing in the sea, or bite the jellyfish, please go ashore to rest.

   11. When surfing near the first wave zone while surfing the sea, if there is a mad wave breaking down from above the top of the surfing hand, the surfing hand should quickly throw the surfboard behind and quickly dive and hide.

   12. In the red waves when the forefront of the surfer, next to or in the middle or behind the surfer, should maintain a safe distance of 3 waves board, lest mad dog cover down, everyone's surfboard and safety rope tied together.

   13. Surfing hand must abide by the rules of surfing, a wave of a person, who take the first closest to the wall take the first stand up, this time in the next wave of competitors quickly braking or pumping board to stop surfing. 14. Beginner surf hand to enhance hand paddling training, physical training, foot training, water before the flip flutter training.

   15. Surfing to be washed well must have the potential of wave technology, fighting spirit to be high, strong muscles, usually please look at surfing videos, surfing magazines, surfing with surfing master more, a lot of observation, nothing more than the Internet and share experience, guarantee You will soon become a surfing master.

   16. If you run into surfing out of the ocean out of the current, as long as the direction of the slope to follow the current, to grasp the waves, do not lose the safety of the swim rope swim back, please lie on the waves of the board to wait for the rescue.

About surfboards

  Carrying board to pay attention to the turning point, go out to the sea, holding a surfboard in the hand point of view to be a surfing line, must not put the board in front of the body to prevent waves hit the board hit their body. Put it on the ground gently, when the wind is very large, place it in the sand on the surfboard, or tie the surfing safety foot rope (surfboard foot rope), and your body should stand on the leading edge of the windward direction , So be injured by their own surfboard. Surfboard washed back to the shore by the sea, away from the water depth of about 30 cm, immediately under the board to avoid surfboard direct impact on the stone.

About the waves

  The best waves to surf the middle of the crash to the slopes of both sides of the waves to promote the best, the most dangerous waves in a row surging instantaneous collapse of the waves, in case of such waves, the best ashore to rest. Surfing if you encounter when out to the ocean out of the current, as long as the direction of the slope to follow the current, grasp the waves, do not lose the safety of the rope and choose to swim back, it is best to lie on the waves waiting for the rescue board.

About self-protection

  In the surfboard and surf collision, you can not manually pull the safety of foot rope and surfboard. Encounter mad dog waves outside the sea, to quickly throw the surfboard behind, quickly dive water dive. If you see the jellyfish appears, or be bitten by the jellyfish, you must ashore to rest

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