Surfboard instructions and precautions

- Dec 19, 2017 -

First of all, take the surfboard out of the bag, the surfboard in the bag should be rolled up, the correct volume method: a non-slip mat on the inside, a fin (fin / rudder) side out , Put the surfboard, anti-skid pad up, the tail part of the downward, then you will see the inflatable valve,


Open the valve cover, leaking air core, press the valve core, check whether the valve is closed, that is, inflated state, the pump connector connected to the valve on the tight.

The pump level placed on a hard surface, the first time cheer up the board may be more than the subsequent cheer to use more effort to start the inflatable, about two minutes can be filled with surfboards, observe the pressure Table, to 10PSI continue to inflatable may be very difficult to continue to inflate, observe the hardness of the surfboard and barometer display, the more filling the more effective use of surfboards will be better, long-term inflatable you will master the inflatable The extent to which the surfboard is inflated can also depend on your experience and feeling.

We recommend using the board when the pressure remains at 12-16PSI, 16PSI will play its best performance.

It is impossible to inflate the surfboard with our standard air pump. Therefore, please do not inflate. We do not advise non-professionals to use the high-pressure inflator to inflate the surfboard.

Note: It is not possible for the manual pump to be over inflated to damage the surfboard. Therefore, if you use other inflatable devices, such as a high-pressure air pump to inflate the surfboard, the damage caused is not covered under the warranty. If You need to use other inflatable devices, please communicate with the manufacturer, or use inflatable devices less than 30PSI (2BAR).

 Deflate instructions

 When you intend to deflate the surfboard, open the valve cover, tap the valve core, the surfboard will release pressure, once the pressure reduction in the surfboard, the operation will be very easy, this time only the valve core Maintained deflated, the board will continue to deflate.

Roll up the surfboard, in accordance with the order from the back to the front, the non-slip mat roll in the inside, so that the process of rolling up the surfboard can also be left in the surfboard inside the full discharge of gas, the volume after the volume of the surfboard Smaller, easy to carry and carry.

Surfboard storage

1, rolled up or inflated state can be placed

2, do not direct exposure to the sun for a long time, long-term surfboard will cause discoloration

3, you will find that in the case of high temperatures surfboard will become more hard, do not worry, this is a good surfboard features

4, when you deflate the surfboard Save, do not let it roll too tight, it is best not to curl, because the long curly surfboard will be attached to the PVC surface becomes uneven, and the destruction of non-slip Pad performance

5, curl placed surfboard, please note that the diversion fin (fin / tail rudder) removed, our surfboard has been improved, has been equipped with a removable diversion fin.



1, beginners in the calm water, diving practice balance and basic operations


2, before the water, please pay attention to the weather conditions, to avoid the use of bad weather conditions


3, please pay attention to offshore wind, to avoid being inadvertently dangerous by the wind away from the sea


4, pay attention to tides, you better grasp the tides and the local time

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