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    Descriptions of UHMW-PE rod:
UHMW, short for Ultra High Molecular Weight, is often referred to as the world toughest polymer. Reinforced Ultra-high-molecular weight Polythene Board is a type of thermo-plastic, which combines the advantage characteristics of all types of plastic, featuring in the excellence of withstanding wear and tear, resisting impact and chemical corrosion, self-lubricating, working against low temperature, being low in abrasion loss, light in weight, absorbing energy, anti-ageing, retarding inflaming and preventing build-up of static electricity. It is widely used in the interior lining of coal house of thermo power plants, coal mines and coking plants etc., the raw material storehouse of cement factories, steel mills and aluminum factories, the granary of food industry, feedstuff industry and pharmaceutical factories as well the hoppers at wharfs.

UHMWPE Rod and has no smell with low coefficient of friction, corrosion resistance, abrasion and impact resistance, and wear resistance, and is non-toxic, anti-Weather and anti-aging, self-lubricating. It can allow high operating temperature with high tensile strength, high viscosity, and can be reprocessed.

Applications of UHMW-PE rod:
Application of UHMW-PE products
Industry main properties Application
Machinery for food and packing industry food hygiene, self-lubricating, anti-corrosion, sound deadening
star wheel, worm, guide rail, gear wheel, slider, baffle plate and meat processing plant face plates, impact plate and so on

Construction Machinery self-lubricating, anti-friction, anti-impact bulldozer shovel lining, excavator shovel lining, dump truck body lining
Paper-making Machinery anti-friction, anti-impact case sealing, wrist guide roller, scraper faucet, wiper panel, suction chamber cover, guide plate hydrofoil etc.

Textile machinery anti-impact absorber panel coupler, picker stick,

Chemical machinery anti-friction, anti-, chemicals valve, gasket, filling, gear wheel, bolt, nozzle, axle, sleeve transmission gear, metal screen backing, pipe, flange, blender fan protector and lining of machinery tools, and so on

General machinery self-lubricating, anti-friction, anti-impact impeller pulley, bush, axle sleeve spacer, sealing spacer, slide guide plate tug boat.

Mine machinery anti-friction, anti-impact ball mill lining, flotation machine impeller, cover plate, cutting machine lining, filter press plate slide way.    


UHMWPE Typical Properties
Specific Gravity, 73° F . 944  
Tensile Strength @ Yield, 73° F 3250 psi
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity, 73° F 155, 900 psi
Tensile Elongation (at break), 73° F 330 %
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity 107, 900 psi
Compresive Strength at 2% deformation 400 psi
Compressive Strength 10% Deformation 1200 psi
Deformation Under Load 6-8 %
Compressive Modulus of Elasticity, 73° F 69, 650 psi
Hardness, Durometer (Shore " D" scale) 69  
Izod Impact, Notched @ 73° F 30 ft. Lbs. /in. Of notch
Coefficient of Friction (Dry vs Steel) Static . 17  
Coefficient of Friction (Dry vs Steel) Dynamic . 14  
Sand Wheel Wear/Abrasion Test 95 UHMW=100
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 11.0 in/in/° F x 10-5
Melting Point (Crystaline Peak) 279-289 ° F
Volume Resistivity > 1015 ohm-cm
Surface Resistivity > 1015 ohm-cm
Water Absorption, Immersion 24 Hours Nil %
Water Absorption, Immersion Saturation Nil %
Machinability Rating 5 1 = easy, 10 = difficult
Sheet Thickness Availability (Off the Shelf) . 250 - 2.0 inches

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