What are surf essential equipment

- Dec 27, 2017 -

In addition to the surfboard, surfing also needs some other necessary equipment.

     Foot Rope leash This is the only surfing activity that will keep you safe. When you wipe out, you can retrieve your surfboard and your board will not rush back to the shore or Hit to other people, so you have a rely on the sea, the general length to slightly longer board. Now the foot rope is divided into different waves need to have the thickness of the design, usually double bearing (double swivels) better than a single bearing, the more difficult to tangle.

      Wax wax Wax hit the surfboard, can increase the friction between the body and the body, allowing you to stand on the board more stable, it will not slip! Taking the change of temperature in Taiwan throughout the year, it is necessary to change the temperature of different types of wax, base wax, cold water, warm water and hot / tropical water).

      Clothes wetsuit / rash guard Wetsuit - mostly made of a neoprene, you need a jacket if you want to surf in Taiwan when the weather is getting colder and colder. Material, thickness (3mm-5mm) and the length of the different, cold ability is also different. Short-sleeved more light, called shorty or spring suit.

      Wear protective clothing rash guard - even if the water temperature is not cold, most of the surfers will wear a wear-resistant clothing, or long friction with the board is not very comfortable. Other advantages of anti-wear clothing: waterproof mother, warm and sun protection, a fit of wear-resistant clothing, definitely worth the investment.

      Pre-skid pad trackion Mentioned before if you do not want to wax the entire surfboard, then you can paste this thing, most people are in the small tail plate affixed a non-slip mat, so better control board fancy action.

      Most of the surfboard damage boarding the process of handling, surfboard bag is to save you to make up the West Bu careless knock knocked place. There are two types of general board bags, single or double piece of daily-use bags and up to 6 pieces of travel bags. The protection used for travel is relatively thick, preventing airport handlers from trampling our precious boards.

      Nose Noseguard The most vulnerable parts of a surfboard are the slab and tail. The nose is a piece of rubber that protects your head, and protects others from being directly hurt by your board.

      There are also some surfing exercises that are controlled by sails, so it needs to be equipped with a rudder.

      Rudder fin surfboards must be used in conjunction with the rudder, rudder sub-single, three or five slices. Longboard usually use larger Sngle fin monolithic, other boards with more than three Tri fin system, there are five in this two-year appearance. Today's board rudder uses a patented Fin Control System FCS for easy replacement and travel, but the early stationary (Glass-on) was also a favorite of surfing experts and was much stronger in big waves than FCS

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