What are the basic skills of primary surfing

- Jan 02, 2018 -

In learning surfing skills, we must first understand the basic surfing equipment.

Surfing equipment 1: surfboard wax blocks

Its role is to increase the friction of the surfboard, so that surfers can stand more stable above.

Surfing equipment 2: foot rope

Hanging at the ankle, you can help you in the water will not be separated from the surfboard, you can quickly find the surfboard.

Surfing equipment 3: waterproof bag

        People who play the water need to prepare such a bag, you can put the portable electronic products into it when you play, you can also use the wet clothes after loading.

Surfing equipment 4: the length of the board

There are two types of surfboards, beginners recommend the use of longboards, longboards are long, almost 9 feet above, and the head is semicircular, buoyancy is relatively large, even when the waves can play.

Short board length of between 5-7 feet, the front triangular, buoyancy is small, beginners will be very hard to play together.