4'6'' Short Surfboard With Hydrofoil, Best For Fresh Warter

- Aug 17, 2018 -


a. Size: 4'6'' x 22'' x 3.8''

b. Material: 25KG/M3 EPS foam core

c. 1 pc 6mm wooden stringer

d. Color: white+blue

e. Painting: gloss

f. Leash plug+foil box+foot cover hole

EXW price: 155-230 usd(depends on qty)


  1. Small and exquisite, easy to carry.

  2. Thicker than usual short board, it will has more buoyance than usual short surfboard so it is suitable for fresh water like lake or flat water surface.

  3. It can be customized as your own idea. Change the color or shape or others are all feasible.

  4. It has a low price.


short board.jpgshort board.jpgshort board.jpg

If you also want do your own special surfboard, please feel free to contact us.