A Celebration Of Big Wave Surfing

- Nov 23, 2018 -

An epic, but not historic, tow surfing session was held today at Nazaré as the waves failed to live up to the forecast While the swell arrived as big as predicted, the direction meant that the refraction that helps amplify the wave heights failed to come into play.

"There was always a chance that the westerly nature of the swell could throw a spanner in the works," said Garrett McNamara. "The Azores Islands can shadow west swells and during last night it changed even more than predicted. We didn't get the waves we thought, but we had fun day of big waves that we broadcast to the world. Most importantly everyone came in safe."

The day ended up more as a celebration of big wave surfing with many of the competitors from the Nazaré Challenge hanging around to either surf or simply soak up the experience. Yet the biggest waves were predictably ridden by a surfer who has dedicated her life to the location.

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