Best Waves Ever Ridden At The Surf Ranch

- Nov 28, 2018 -


1. Kelly’s First

On December 5th, 2015, the morning after Adriano de Souza won his World Title, Kelly unveiled manmade perfection to the world. “It’s a freak of technology,” he claimed at the time, “that could change surfing forever.” Surely, no single wave has been watched by more people since, or has the potential to usher in so much change. The reverb could last a lifetime.

2. Manuel, Peterson, Erickson and Ho Skip Like Stones

Thanksgiving 2016 showed the Surf Ranch in a cleaner, shinier, more fun light. Under blue skies and without a breath of wind, the tank became a green sheet of moving glass. Coco Ho, Lakey Peterson, Sage Erickson and Malia Manuel all skimmed like smooth stones over a shiny pond in their colorful bikinis whilst getting tubed off their heads. It looked otherworldly, most definitely un-oceanly, and if their beaming 1000-watt smiles were anything to go by, fun as heck.

3. Parko Borrows a Skimboard

Parko riding Kalani Robb’s skimboard was impressive in its own right (though Mick Fanning’s shaky iPhone footage didn’t do the ride justice); however, it was the implications of using of different craft that gave it weight. Afterwards, Blair Conklin commented: “Can’t wait until the first finless skimboard graces this beautiful wave, Kelly Slater.” Parko’s efforts raised the question of what uber-progressive surfers (JOB, Mason), finless warriors (Rasta, Derek Hynd) FlowRider crossover dudes (Bill “Beaker” Bryan) or even actual skimboarders like Conklin might do on this wave. Time will tell.

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