BWT Commissioner Mike Parsons Must’ve Been A Nervous Wreck Today

- Nov 27, 2018 -

BWT Commissioner Mike Parsons must’ve been a nervous wreck today. If he wasn’t, then we should find a way to bottle Snips’ pheromones and administer ‘em in a clinical setting to patients suffering from chronic anxiety. Because if not for those inflatable godsends and those PWC guardian angels, there would likely be some dead women on Maui today.

With misty skies and moody-blue cathedrals in the 40 to 50-foot-face range, the slightly re-dubbed “Jaws Challenge” kicked off with the Women — their third time here, with a beefed-up field of ten competitors equalling more water time at Pe’ahi (two five-person, 45-minute Semifinals followed by one six-person, hour-long Final). Once the hooter sounded for the first Semifinal, though, no one rode a wave for 12 minutes until Justine Dupont stroked into a monster, pearled immediately, broke her leash, and lost her bright pink vehicle to the rocky shoreline.

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