Color Painting Long Surfboard

- Sep 18, 2017 -

Color Painting Long Surfboard

Short board

The head was sharp triangular type, buoyancy is small, need to push enough, good shape can play a good wave of pleasure, are technology board, turn flexible, do fancy action.

Long board

Head was semi-circular, buoyancy, slow, small waves can play, suitable for Taiwan's summer wandering and beginners practice.

Fun shape / Mini Mal

Fixed name, fun plate, small long board. Looks like Long board but smaller in length. Is the improvement of Long board in recent years, because the board is shorter than the Long board, it has the benefits of Long board, buoyancy, small waves can play, but slightly smaller, do not be flexible on the action, very suitable for Taiwan The waves.

The Gun

Some people call guns, or big waves board, length and long board close to the tip of the tip of the tip, the fastest.

The Fish Plate

Basically, it's a short board, which is usually thicker and thicker than Short board. Taiwan's summer waves disappear, because Fish's buoyancy is slightly larger, than the Short board in the small waves easier. In general, the longer the thicker the board easier to get started, but also more difficult to make beautiful action.

Surfboard selection

Everyone needs a different board, and your personal height and weight have an absolute relationship. So, how to choose the board is also one of the necessary courses to learn surfing.

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More choose  - wood veneer surfboard . 

wood color painting .jpg

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