Evolution History Of Surfboard Fin

- Nov 03, 2018 -

The  fin is the tail of the surfboard, similar to the function of the fish fins, and its main functions are the flexibility to control steering.


From the evolutionary history of the use of surfboard fins, there are several types of rudders installed:

  1. Classic way---Glass on fin. Classic tail fin style, glass-fibre caudal fin. Use the fiberglass cloth and resin to directly fix the tail rudder to the tail. The shortcoming of this classic method is very obvious, that is, the rudder can not be moved, resulting in the board packaging is too large, and it is easy to break and break.

    fixed fin system

2.Movable tail fin system

FCS (Fin control System company) introduced the tail fin system for mobile 15 years ago, which is what most of the boards we see today. Free to install and easy to remove.

                                          fcsfsc fin box

At present, there are two major brands in the tail rudder system on the market. FCS has a market share of 90%, while another FUTURE only accounts for about 10%. With the expiration of the FCS PLUG patent, competition in the market will be greatly enhanced. .


                            future finsfuture fin box

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