Five Most Famous Surfing Spots In The World

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Five most famous surfing spots in the world


Malibu stretches 32 miles / 51 kilometers along the Pacific Ocean and is a unique coastal town. Malibu's long coast can surf, you can enjoy the brilliant sunset, Hollywood stars, top athletes are here to buy a holiday. Malibu's Surfrider Beach is hailed as the world's largest in the World Surfing Reserve, where beaches are best for surfing, and the nearby Zuma Beach is perfect for sun baths and locals Love; if you like quiet, please choose to come by workday.

Malibu Country Mart and Malibu Lumber Yard are two adjacent high-end retail centers that sell a variety of beach fashion items and have the chance to meet stars. You can dine and fish at Malibu Marina (you can also watch Surfers Beach); in winter, Point Dume at the northern tip of Malibu is the perfect place to observe the migration of grey whales.

The waterfront scenery is fascinating, but as you travel a little inland, you can hike through the trails, canyons and wildflowers and waterfalls along the trails in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. .

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Second-San Diego

It seems that everyone is coming to San Diego to surf. When the waves started, there were always a large number of people wearing winter bathing suits to surf. They are either surfing or on the beach, or surfboards on the roof, driving to famous surf spots such as Bird Rock, Oceanside Pier, Windansea (Windansea appeared in Tom Wolfe's bestselling book The Pump House Gang) .

Located in Oceanside, the California Surfing Museum showcases surfing traditions in San Diego County. Step into the museum and visit the historic surfboards and commemorative exhibitions of legendary figures rushing through the waves. In San Diego County, especially in the beach towns of Leucadia and Encinitas, surfboard shops can be found everywhere, including Hansen Surfboards (opened in 1961); you can learn about local surfing lessons at these stores. Even if you never plan to surf, you can still buy beach pants and have breakfast at the Pipers Cafe at Cardiff-by-the-Sea and at the Beach Break Cafe at Oceanside.

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Third-Orange City

The surf tradition in Orange City dates back 100 years. At the opening ceremony of the Huntington Beach Pier in 1914, the Hawaiian surf pioneer George Freeth performed surfing for people. In the 1920s, surfing and Olympic idol Duke Kahanamoku also surfed the dock. In the 1950s and 1960s, surfing really developed. Huntington Beach began to host major events and became the most important surfing city in the United States. Local surf legend Corky Carroll once pointed out: “Orange County is the cultural center of the surfing world, and Huntington Beach is the heart of the surfing world.”

The Huntington Beach store also emphasizes surfing themes. The Surfing Walk of Fame in front of Jack's Surfboards engraves the name of top surfers on the granite stones of the boulevard, while the nearby Huntington Surf and Sports Center (Huntington Surf and Sport)" set up the Surfing Hall of Fame to let local surf celebrities leave fingerprints and footprints here. The longboard of Duke Kahanamoku is housed in the International Surfing Museum.

Of course, in addition to Huntington Beach, Orange County has plenty of surf beaches. At the southern end of Orange County are San Clemente and San Onofre state beaches (top surfers like to conquer the waves of Trestles). The Wedge at Newport Beach is open to surf professionals only, where you can watch body surfing without surfboards.

Want to try surfing? You can take part in Huntington Beach, the Corky Carroll’s Surf School at Bolsa Chica State Beach or the San Clemente Surf School to the south.


Fourth-Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach has a variety of summer activities. Southern California's beach culture thrives on the winding coast of Huntington Beach, where you can ride a bike along the coastal path, play beach volleyball and, of course, surf. Surfing is the keynote of Huntington Beach. Even if you've never been exposed to surfing, you can stroll through the main surf store and take in the sights of Huntington Pier to see the local surfers ride the waves.

From the pier, you can walk to the main street in a short walk. There are various fashionable boutique shops and restaurants on the main street. Most restaurants will have tables and chairs on the sidewalk or a terrace. You can enjoy the sunshine and the sea breeze. Cool afternoon. Experience the life of Surf City at the luxurious Marina Resort in Huntington Beach. To explore the more natural side of Huntington, you can ride horses, watch birds, or explore the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Central Park, which is 354 acres/143 hectares. A protected area designed to protect wetlands is the most popular coastal habitat in Southern California.

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Fifth-Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz's surf culture is trendy, sunny, and full of love for life. Few people can resist its charm. Legend has it that three Hawaiian princes brought surfing to Santa Cruz in 1885, followed by famous Hawaiian surfers such as the Duke of Kahanamoku. Cowell’s smooth waves, Steamer Lane and Pleasure Point's rocky waves have always attracted many locals, and these are the favorite surfing destinations for surfers. In the 1950s, Santa Cruz's Jack O’Neill invented the cold-proof swimsuit, which overcomes the problem of the coldness of the Pacific Ocean. Surfers and veterans can stay in the water for a longer time and enjoy the perfect waves. Cowell’s is close to the Santa Cruz Wharf, the wave is the smoothest for beginners, and Capitola's waves are perfect for beginners. The Club Ed Surf School offers surfing lessons, whether you are a novice or a professional (including children) to learn to surf here; the school also offers a variety of surf gear, including long and easy to balance longboards, cold swimsuits. For an in-depth look at local surf scenery and legends, visit the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, a former lighthouse on West Cliff Drive. From the seawall, you can see the top surfers riding the wind and waves at Steamer Lane. Visitors can also relax at the Jack O’Neill Waterfront Lounge at Santa Cruz Dream Inn for a top-notch relaxation. The lounge is full of surf souvenirs, where you can enjoy the view of Monterey Bay while sipping signature cocktails or ordering a Ketel One Martini, the favorite drink after Jack's surfing. . Every October, the O’Neill Coldwater Classic attracts top surfers from all over the world.

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