High Quality China Hydrofoil Surfboard, Windsurf Sup With Paddle And Deck Pad

- Aug 31, 2018 -

   We all know, surfboard has many types. But the board we want to introduce for you include  3 functions. It's really a functional surfboard and deserve to buy.



1. Board size: 7'6"x30"x3.4"

2. Green paint on both top and bottom, the pantone code is 365C

3. Yellow rails: pantone code is 3955c;

4. The deck pad is green and yellow, can you please send us a picture showing details, or give us the pantone code;

5. us foil boxes

6. Logo, please send us the file for your logo, as well as logo size and placement on board.



hydrofoil surfboard.jpg

wind surfboard.jpg



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