High Quality Light Surfboard Bamboo Stand Up Paddle Surf SUP Paddle Boards Made In China

- Jul 14, 2017 -

The perfect surf or still water Stand-Up-Paddleboard Trainer for fun or fitness.

> Truly a revolution in SUP technology. 

> Built with four laminated stringers and was specifically designed to have great stability in flat waters or surf with speed and ease of paddling normally associated with much longer boards.

> Angled cut rails make it easier to bury the rails into the face of the wave and get improved height and speed across the face. 

> Planing surface is relative flat for speed with rocker at front and tail where it is needed of manoeuvrability.

> Very light, weighing in at less than 15kg and the centre grip handle makes it easy to carry for males or females and young people.

> Soft board construction which means low impact and unlike conventional heavy SUP boards is much less likely to result in injury to riders or swimmers.

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