Introduction Of Surfing

- Oct 26, 2018 -

  In 1778, this kind of surfing was already among the local residents of the Hawaiian Islands. After 1908, it was transmitted to some countries in Europe and America. It was passed to Asia after 1960. An athlete stands on a surfboard or uses a web, a seesaw, a rubber pad, a rowing boat, a kayak, etc. to drive a wave of water. Regardless of the equipment used, athletes must have high skill and balance, and be good at swimming long distances in the wind and waves.


Firstly, the long board - more than 9 feet in length, suitable for beginners.

Secondly, the short board - the length of 7 feet or less, is a technical type of wave board.

Thirdly, the gun board - narrow and long, designed to cope with the big waves like the Hawaii region.

Fourthly, the soft board - dynamic and mobile, not limited by the size of the wave, suitable for beginners.

Fifthly, floating plate - wide board surface, slower speed change, suitable for beginners to practice on the wave board.

Sixthly, the human body surfing - without using any tools, the human body in the shallower seaside, swimming, floating on the surface of the water, with the undulations of the waves.


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