Newest Hydrofoil Kiteboard Produced In China

- Jul 13, 2018 -

  This colorful hydrofoil kiteboard is very beautiful and of high quality. The hydrofoil is also be of good 

value with full carbon. Specification as below:

  a. hydrofoil kiteboard: size: 5'8'' x 20'' x 2''

                                      color: green,yellow,orange and grey

                                      material: 25KG EPS foam core

                                      1 6mm wooden stringer

                                      top: 6+6 oz fiberglass+PVC+carbon rail

                                      bottom: 6+4 oz fiberglass+PVC+carbon rail

                                      One 3 color deck pad

                                      3 pcs future fins(can do customization)

  b. kiteboard hydrofoil: mast length: 80cm

                                       material: full carbon

                                       color: black

 This is quite a good product, grab the market right now!

kite foil board.jpgkite board.jpg

hydrofoil board.jpghydrofoil.jpg

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