Points Can Also Treat Peeling

- Dec 28, 2018 -

How to pay attention to sunscreen when surfing. I believe that solving the above problems, you will soon enjoy the pleasure of surfing. plus Oil, oh. In fact, no sunscreen product is absolutely sunscreen. After layer protection, someone is sunburned.

What should I do?

How to pay attention to sunscreen tea when surfing, tannic acid in tea leaves has a good promotion of convergence, can reduce tissue

It swells and reduces cell exudation. It is very useful for skin that is slightly sunburned without scalping. Gently tea with cotton balls shoot the reddish area to soothe the skin and reduce the burning sensation. If the area of sunburn is too large, you can also be at home.

Add strong tea to the washbasin, so that the sunburned skin is soaked in water for a few minutes, the effect will be more significant. Watermelon skin applied to the skin watermelon skin is rich in vitamin C. It has anti-inflammatory and whitening effect on the skin and is quite effective for treating sunburned skin. West the melon skin is applied repeatedly on the sunburned arm, and the juice of the watermelon skin is absorbed by the water-deficient skin.

The knife scrapes the watermelon skin into thin slices, which is more conducive to the skin to fully absorb the melon liquid. Cucumber juice applied to the skin.

After sunburn, apply cucumber juice to the painful skin for 10 minutes, cool into the skin, and the pain is naturally reduced.

Cucumber juice is rich in water, and contains vitamin C to enhance the skin's ability to regenerate. It can replenish water lost by the skin.

Points can also treat peeling.

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