Rocker And Bottom Of Surfboard

- Nov 03, 2018 -

Rocker refers to the bending curvature of the bottom of the board from the head to the end of the board. The Rocker is more difficult to insert water in the case of the roll, and the steering is more flexible. However, if the Rocker is too large, the steering is too easy to control. Situation.

At present, the design of the bottom of the board is mostly based on the shape of Concave. The so-called Concave refers to the concave surface at the bottom of the wave board. When the water flows through Concave, it will increase the speed of the board!

Single Concave

Single concave bottoms work super well when the waves are really clean, but they don't like chunky or choppy surf as they lose their flow easily. Bigger surfers may find these boards "sticky" when coming off the lip.

single concave

Double Concave

The majority of shortboards today are single concave up front that fades into a double concave. This gives you the drive of the concave on the part of the board that stays flat, but loosens things up overall by providing more of a centered pivot point through the tail.

double concave

Vee Bottom 

Boards with this bottom provide a well defined pivot point that really will loosen up the board, especially when ridden off the tail. These bottoms are not as squirty as the other boards and for that reason are also used on most big wave guns.

v bottom

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