SUP Foilboard With Hydrofoil

- Oct 13, 2017 -

SUP Foilboard with Hydrofoil


Impression, the total allocation of SUP is always warm, even if the racing type of law, desperately paddled forward, the speed is also up to 16 km, this play, after all, still can not meet the more exciting, more extreme players The Kai Lenny, a water athlete from Maui, Hawaii, last year developed a "SUP Foilboard with Hydrofoil" that allows you to race like a sailboat

Water wing pulp board called Foil, its working principle is to install a hydrofoil under the traditional pulp, the use of hydrofoils generated by the lift, so that surfers floating on the water above the slide, the specific unique visual effects.

The hydrofoil is divided into four main parts: board, keel / mast, fuselage, front wing, rear wing, 

and most of the hydrofoil The stringers and beams are linked together, called T-bar.

SUP foil.jpg

In order to be able to push the paddle movement to a higher speed level, Kai Lenny will be high-speed sailing, racing sailing, or even short board surfboard at the bottom of the common, an inverted T-shaped "hydrofoil" Board below, and successfully with such a module on the surface of the water out twice the speed.

And the best is that there is no need to use the paddle can also maintain the speed of a period of time, if the wind in the state, no need to move can also move forward, but the operator is clearly on the surfing of the sport has a certain degree of familiarity Degree, for how the waves and the wind affect their own progress have enough understanding.



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