Surfboard Design Direction

- Oct 30, 2018 -

Surfboard design direction

  In 2005, Firewire was founded in Australia, a paradise for surfers. At the time, the mainstream product in this market was a polyurethane foam product, but Firewire creatively used environmentally friendly raw materials such as bamboo and carbon to produce a surfboard that was lighter, stronger and smarter. What is more powerful is that in the past two years, the company has invented a series of computer-aided process programs and developed environmentally-friendly raw materials.

The new technology is in a new era. The recently launched Rapidfire series has a chilly appearance. The bottom is inlaid with a carbon rod for telescoping and bending. The top is lined with colorful bamboo. The internal materials are also vacuum packed. The bag is delicately tied and the entire body is covered with a protective film of epoxy resin.

Currently, surfing surfers around the world are increasing at a rate of 15% per year. Surfing is a popular participation sport. The positioning of our design: the organic combination of fashion and personality. It is also an entertainment type - a simple appliance for leisure, sports, self-expression, socializing, etc.

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