Surfboard Development And Innovation

- Oct 30, 2018 -

"Surfing", a verb with passion and trendy, has its own place in the slimming way. Freshness, excitement, and fitness give people an unparalleled enjoyment.

Surfing has always been considered a man's sport, but when a female player in a bikini steps on a surfboard to challenge the waves, the unique style is fascinating.

        More and more people are involved in surfing activities, and become a fashion. In addition to the physical and technical requirements of the participants, the beach men's clothing is full of vitality, simple and pure, with a surfboard, full of vitality. ..

In the first few years of World War II, Bob Simmons, who dropped out of the California Institute of Technology, began his exploration in the surfboard industry: hollowing out foam to make it hydrodynamically efficient; Armed with fiberglass; designed with tail fins for stability; all parts are wrapped with waterproof resin to increase friction... Simmons is undoubtedly a pioneer in modern surfboards.

surfing innovation

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