Surfboard Fin Parameters

- Nov 02, 2018 -


The depth is the measurement from the tip of the fin to the base of the surfboard (not the end of the fin plug), and it is essentially how far the fin goes into the water. The fin depth effects how the board "holds" in turns. The deeper the fin goes, the better the control is in the turn.Remember: depth = how far the fin goes into the water!

The fin's base length is measured at the widest point of the fin, where the fin meets the bottom of the board. The base length determines the board's speed and drive. Fins contribute more speed and greater drive with longer base lengths. Want to go fast? Think long base!Remember: base length = how much speed and drive the fin provides!

Fin Plug(Removable Fins Only)Fin plugs slot into the fin box on the base of the surfboard. The fin can then be secured in place for surfing. Fin plugs come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of removable fin system.

fin flex

Fins with little flex are more responsive and will have more speed and drive. Fins with flex are more forgiving and easier to use.

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