Surfing Attentions And Advice For Surfers

- Oct 29, 2018 -

Surfing attentions

Beginner surfers should strengthen hand-waist training, physical training, foot training, and water roll-up training.

When you are a junior surfer, please check the equipment before entering the water. The wax block has not been checked. The safety rope and life jacket are checked. After 20 minutes of warm-up exercise, you can surf the sea.

When the surfboard is washed back from the sea to the shore by a distance of about 30 cm, please immediately lower the board to prevent the surfboard from directly hitting the stone.

Surfers must abide by the rules of surfing and riding. One person and one wave, who is closest to the wave wall to take the first priority to stand up, at this time the competing surfers quickly brake or pump to stop surfing.

surfing attention

The surfboard should pay attention to the place where the turn is made. When it is placed on the ground, it should be placed gently. When the wind is very strong, it should be placed on the sand with sand to avoid being blown away by the wind.

If you want to surf well, you must have the technology of snorkeling. You must have high morale and strong physical muscles. Please watch surf videos and surf magazines in general, and surf with surfers. You can watch more and more. You will soon be a surfer.

surf attention

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