Surfing Brands Are Not Unfamiliar To Young People,

- Jan 02, 2019 -

Shallow water surfing, (skimboarding, hereinafter referred to as shallow rush), originated from Laguna Beach in California, and now also became the Mecca of the rushers.

 The surfing game is very exciting, it is an extreme sport, and it is especially satisfying to play well.


As early as the 1920s, local lifeguards used planks to play shallow rushes. Shallow surfboards were shorter, mainly on the shore, playing like Surfing, but simpler and safer. .

This group of photos was taken on the east coast of Singapore and has a beach boy feel. If you are also on the scene, you will also admire the young people who can rush out of youthful energy in such a limited wave. They all have a soft spot for speed games, and many people are also skaters, from the ground to the waves, it is logical.

They took the surfboard and looked at the waves. When the time came, they rushed to the waves, took the surfboard a step forward, quickly stepped on the skateboard, slid on the waves, and performed various difficult movements, like underwater. Skateboarding, but more difficult. Since Singapore has no big winds at all, shallow rushing is the closest thing to their surfing.

Although the East Coast is not high, the water is not clear, but likes the same thing, even if the environment is worse, young people know how to play a world. More than 20 young people, brightly lit, some have been able to easily control the waves, beginners frequently fall, frequently try, one day will stand firm. They have been on the East Coast since two years ago, playing and playing, attracting more and more people to participate.

 There are about 100 local squatters in the local area, and most of them are Malays. These young people are wearing surf pants and surf accessories.


There are about 100 local squatters in the local area, and most of them are Malays. They are young people under the age of 20, wearing surf pants and surfing accessories. They are all loyal savage, and they don’t easily give up after falling in love. I report here every weekend.

Of course, such a beautiful posture is achieved by falling, bruising, and bleeding. There are many rocks on the beaches of the East Coast, and the chances of hanging color are higher.

"At the beginning, I will definitely suffer a little injury, such as twisting to the feet, scratching, etc. This is the only way to learn shallow. But the surfing game is very exciting, it is an extreme sport, and it is especially satisfying to play well. Feeling,” said He Yuanming, a first-year student at LaSalle-Singapore Art College.

"The beaches on the east coast are quite rocky, there are many people playing in the shallows, but the places are very limited, so we have to cooperate with each other, do not rob the waves, but also take care of the swimmers, or accidents will occur." Sheng Xu Qinfu was black and pointed to the scars on his body.

Play shallow, you have to play by the station. After standing still, play tricks.

"It takes us a long time to stand on the surfboard. It is not easy to balance ourselves in the fast. If you learn well, you will start playing fancy," said Qin Fu. He is putting a layer of wax on the shallow plate and hitting the wax on the shallow plate to increase the friction between the plate and the human body, allowing you to stand on the board more stable before it slips. Wear coral shoes to protect your feet.

It took nearly two years for Qin Fu to play in the shallows and it took him three months to stand on the surfboard. He is one of the best, especially good at Craving, which is a fancy, which means walking along the waves and carving a piece of water, they are called flowers. There are a lot of surfing styles, ollie over the wave is straight, directly colliding with the waves, then leaving the surfboard, turning a tendon, falling into the water in a beautiful posture.

Where to go

 Like a thing, even if the environment is bad, young people know how to play a world.


Because there is no shallow ground in the local area, there is no shallow culture, so the shallow movement is still very underground, belonging to a few people's sports.

“There are not many places in Singapore where you can play in the shallows. The East Coast is one of them. Otherwise you will get Malaysia or Indonesia.” Yuan Ming said.

Another local spot is Sunset Bay in Sentosa, but due to the need to pay for the island to Sentosa, they still choose to go to the East Coast. Other locations such as Changi Beach and St. John's Island can also be shallow, but not as convenient as the East Coast. Every year from October to February, the monsoon is blowing, there are winds and waves, which is a good time for local shallows.

"Everyone who plays skimboard dreams of going to Bali on a day and playing real surfing." Yuan Ming said. Some of these young people have already rushed abroad, such as surfing in nearby Desaru and Bintan, to accept higher challenges.

"Surfing is much more difficult and dangerous. It is a sport that requires courage. When you slide out of the sea, facing the waves is like facing a wall that will swallow your wall at any time. It is very exciting." Chin Fu of Lido Island said.

About shallow plate:

The shallow surfboard (skimboard) is about 130 cm long and is available in different sizes to match the players of different weights. Different materials, the price is different, from 150 yuan to 800 yuan. The fiberglass shallow plate is more expensive, and it can play more patterns. The wooden (woody) shallow plate is the cheapest, don't want to hurt the wallet, and can DIY yourself. Many of the surfboards in the hands of this group of rushers are still made by themselves.

"I cut the general shape on the wooden board according to the original slab, and after the slippery, I sprayed my favorite pattern, and I could play it. I only spent about 20 yuan." Alfian, who is waiting for the national service, said . He is best at using some shallow slabs to turn somersaults in the water.

Where can I buy a shallow plate:

Surfing brands are not unfamiliar to young people, even one of the main elements of streetwear, such as Quiksilver, Mambo, OP and other surf brands. Customers are young people, and young people mostly stay on the surface of fashion trends. Little contact with the sport.

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