Surfing Venues,the Four Most Exciting Surfing Spots In The World

- Oct 29, 2018 -

Surfing venues - the four most exciting surfing spots in the world

  1. Hawaii. Every surf player wants to go to Hawaii at least once. Oahu is the main island of Hawaii and the most important surfing place. The shape of the island makes the island naturally form four surf coasts. 

  2.  The southwest coast of France. The Hollywood playwright Peter Viertel brought surfing to France in 1956, and now the coastline of southwestern France has become a good place to surf. 

  3. Mindawei Islands. The various ocean currents of the South Indian Ocean meet here, making the waves here very strong. No matter what the wind is, there is definitely a place to surf here, and there are 6-10 meters of big waves. 

  4. Tahiti Island. There can only be one of the highest waves in the world. This is Tahiti.

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