Tesla Launch Surfboard: Priced At 1,500 US Dollars, Limited To 200 pieces

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Tesla Launch Surfboard: Priced At 1,500 US Dollars, Limited To 200 pieces

Tesla (300.84, 2.70, 0.91%) lined up a surfboard on its official website on July 27, 2018, priced at 1,500 US dollars (about 10,000 yuan), limited to 200 worldwide. Currently, the sales page for this product has been offline from the Tesla website.

It is reported that Tesla described this surfboard on its website: "This surfboard is designed by Tesla Design Studio and designed by Lost Surfboards and Matt Biolos. It is mainly for athletes of the World Surfing League. The surfboard panel is made of the same high-quality matte and glossy finishes as the Tesla, made of lightweight "Black Dart" carbon fiber that is lightweight and sturdy."

Tesla limited surfboard.JPG

Tesla also said that all models of Tesla, including Model S, Model X and Model 3, can easily accommodate this surfboard.

Tesla claims that the surfboard will be limited to 200, and each one is custom-made and is scheduled to begin shipping within two to ten weeks. At present, the sales page of this surfboard has been offline from the Tesla website, it seems that this surfboard has been sold out.

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