The Hydrofoil Races Compete For The Peak

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The hydrofoil races compete for the peak

Hydrofoil Board 

The 6th China Pingtan International Kite Festival and the 2017 World Kite surfing two-way board tournament yesterday entered the second competition day of fierce competition, the scene of the men and women hydrofoil racing, after nine rounds of fierce competition from France The player Axel Mazella and Russian player Elena Kalinina temporarily divided the hydrofoil men's group with the women's group first.

Kiteboarding foil.jpg

    About 10 o'clock yesterday morning, with the referee issued a whistle, 21 hydrofoil racing players 

hand kite, from the starting point gallop away, while the first buoy to attack, 21 kite in the blue sky 

blue sea A road of colorful sails. The players are constantly manipulating the hands of the kite to 

control the direction of the wind, you catch me in the waves, full speed forward, attracted shore 

bursts of cheers. "The game is a good stimulus, the players are flying up, too cool!" Came to watch 

the public Lu Jingjing said.

    As the highlight of the event, the hydrofoil racing is the first event in Pingtan this year. 

"The hydrofoil races and the two-way swivel race, the two-way board racing than the law, the 

difference is that the different surfboard and the wind on the smaller requirements, the speed than 

the two-way board swing race, Board racing speed is much faster, the technical requirements of the players are also higher. "Kite surfing Association staff Liu Fan said that as a new event, because of its speed, so the visual will be more exciting, more ornamental high.

In the ninth round of the game, the original eight rounds of the total score in the men's group of hydrofoil races ranked second 18-year-old French player Theo Lhostis due to a mistake in the game 

can not complete the game, resulting in the end of the nine rounds Post-Slip to No. 7.

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After the fierce competition, the current French player Axel Mazella, Theo DeRamecourt temporarily swept men's group of hydrofoil races one or two, Russian player Alexander Bachev ranked third. In the women's group of hydrofoil races, the Russian player Elena Kalinina, French player Alexia Fancelli, US player Kirstyn Obrien behind the top three. It is worth mentioning that the men and women group temporarily won the first French player Axel Mazella and Russian player Elena Kalinina is also the last one of the hydrofoil racing men's and women's championship.