The Origin Of SUP

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Paddle surfing (SUP), also known as straight up single oar surfing, which is a result from the United States Hawaii, in recent years gradually swept the world's movement. Initially, the surfing coach use it to manage a large number of students, as standing upright on the surfboard, they can get a better vision, easy to observe the surrounding situation, but also conducive to distant rush. At that time there was no special SUP surfboard, using a common length of the surfboard and single-sided paddle. The contemporary SUP movement is also popular with the Hawaiian Islands, like surfing. In the early 1960s, Hawaii, a team of surfers called "Beach Boys of Waikkiki" (Waikiki Beach Boy), took a long surfboard to take pictures of surfers, so the SUP's another name is "Beach Boy Surfing" . 

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