The Surf World Collective Attention

- Nov 29, 2018 -

Happens every year around this time. The surf world’s collective attention has been wandering all over the globe for the past six months. Never know where a special session or swell could pop up. But every winter, without fail, the North Pacific wakes up and sends a solid shot to the Hawaiian Islands — and the rest of the surfing universe is quickly forgotten.

And rightly so. There’s nowhere on earth with more perfect big surf — in a condensed area — than Hawaii. And while this is a boon for the 2% of folks who actually surf pro contests — there was more than enough non-WSL action happening over the past few days to keep everyone else fully occupied, as you’ll see below.

And the swell? Surfline’s Kevin Wallis explains: “The northwest Pacific really sprung to life in the penultimate week of November with a series of storms that eventually morphed into a massive complex low pressure system that plowed across the North Pacific. The first of two new swells filled in through the day on Sunday the 25th, with pumping surf by the afternoon. The westerly swell direction, swell period and light wind were just about perfect for Pipe, which easily saw the best day of surf since the October swell (and arguably the best day of the year to date).”

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