The World’s Best Surfer In The World

- Nov 30, 2018 -

As soon as footage appeared from the Surf Ranch, you could hear the howls of indignation from goofyfooters around the world. They’d all imagined perfect waves like this, even drawn them on their pencil cases, but they were always, always, lefthanders. For them it was the only oblivious design flaw. So once Gerry Lopez, perhaps the most influential goofyfooter of all time, rode Lemoore’s first left, non-regulars around the world could start their reimagining. 

The world’s best surfer in the world’s most perfect wave had been the source of much froth, and typically, John John Florence didn’t disappoint. His approach to the wave featured more variety, more power and more flow than had ever been seen before in the lake. That he did it with a contest singlet on, in the Future Classic, was also relevant. It’s likely that in the future, all surfers will need to adjust to both the wave and the pressurized format if they want to succeed on the CT. In that minute John John showed he’d already done so. 

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