What Do Beginners Should Do When Learning To Surf And Often Push Back In The Sea?

- Jul 04, 2018 -

What do beginners should do when learning to surf and often push back in the sea?

  Specifically, the arm strength is slow and the stroke speed is very important. Simply speaking, my personal summary : surfing basics = stroke speed + balance. If the speed of the stroke is not enough, you will not be able to catch up with the waves. There will be a situation where the people are still there. Only when the speed is fast enough to catch up with the waves, the waves will push you away. Only the waves push you away. The surfboard will gather enough stability and buoyancy so that you can pop up (get up/stand up). Only when you stand on the surfboard and be pushed away by the waves can you count as "Hey! You surfed"


    What if you don’t get enough water and get beaten back? 1: The most important thing is to play more. The strength of the arm will naturally become stronger. Of course, depending on your own quality and the selected surfboard, this time may be half a day or three months. 2: There is still a long board of 9.0 or more. If you are too fat and long board, you can change the paddle board. The level is good and you are slowly changing. 3: Choose a place where the waves are smaller and the time to go surfing in the sea. For the paddling, you can't go in. The beginners who are being beaten out suggest that you can play waves of 40cm~70cm (the vertical distance from the horizontal plane to the highest point of the wave)


  For beginners to play surfing need to know a few points: surf tools (relative buoyancy for their own surfboard foot rope tail rudder wax) safety knowledge surfing rules need to practice a few basic actions (boarding strokes) how to see the waves, If you don't know anything, it is recommended to find a coach or a veteran actual guidance system to teach these basic things to understand in an hour or two. It is easier to understand how to play slowly.


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